How tokenized income changes everything

These days it’s not uncommon for a single company to issue multiple different classes of shares (e.g. Class A, Class B, Class C).

If you were to look at all the different classes of shares for the same company, you would most likely find that their ticker prices differ. Typically, all else being equal, the class of shares with more voting rights is worth more. The assumption behind this is that investors are willing to pay a premium on top of the normal share price in order to get voting rights. What if it is more complex than that?


One of the main challenges of blockchain technology is the gap which exists between the digital world and the real world. Once data is recorded on a blockchain, it cannot be modified; this can be independently verified by anyone. Unfortunately, when it comes to the real world, tamperproofing is not enough, it’s also essential to guarantee that each piece of new data was accurate at the time when it was added to the blockchain.

A naive solution which is often suggested is to use decentralized oracles (multiple nodes/machines operated by different people) to only record information on the blockchain if…

The Capitalisk SDK allows you to launch new custom blockchains and DEX markets by re-using existing modules as blueprints. You can launch multiple blockchains and DEX markets on a single node (provided that your node has sufficient CPU cores, memory and disk space). Each blockchain and DEX market runs in a separate process, so they do not slow each other down; so long as you ensure that you have at least 1 CPU core per chain or DEX module on your node.

All the information you need to launch a custom blockchain and DEX market is inside (and linked from)…

This is what the Leasehold team has achieved in the last 18 months:

All of this was accomplished by a decentralized team of 8…

One of the unique features of Capitalisk which is not mentioned in the whitepaper is that it allows nodes in the network to start off from different genesis states — This allows each node to independently decide when to delete/prune old data without falling out of consensus with the rest of the network and without compromising the ability of other nodes to sync/catch up with the network. This feature is intended to make the blockchain (and all blockchains based on the ldpos-chain module) sustainable in the long term without requiring code changes or centralized, coordinated re-genesis events.

To understand why…

We have just open sourced 3 new project repositories as part of Lisk DEX SDK:


The goal of this SDK are to provide:

  • A blueprint for building new kinds of DEX-compatible sidechains for Lisk and Leasehold.
  • Test suites to allow developers to easily test their blockchains to ensure that they are compatible with the DEX (without having to deploy an entire network).

This SDK ships with a new chain module called LDPoS which can be customized and used to launch any Lisk DEX market. …

Prior to 1931, most of the world’s currencies were on a gold standard. This meant that any citizen could walk into a bank and exchange their cash for a certain amount of gold. In 1931, Britain became the first country to suspend its citizens’ right to exchange British Pounds for gold. This move was copied by every major country over the following decade including the US in 1933.

Although the citizens of many countries lost the ability to convert their national currencies into gold throughout the 30s, those currencies were still officially backed by gold in some sense because the…

Here is my update for the month of June 2020.

First market on


This month, I spent most of my time overseeing and contributing to the development of Lisk DEX, Lisk DEX UI and the official implementation

The mission of lisk-dex is to support a decentralized free market in which any group of people can list their tokens for trading directly against the Lisk blockchain in a decentralized way and without artificial entry barriers. …

This guide will show you how to purchase Leasehold (LSH) tokens on LDEX — A similar approach could also be used to purchase any other token listed on LDEX using Lisk (LSK) as the exchange cryptocurrency.

If you don’t already own LSK tokens, you will need to buy some on a (fiat-to-crypto) centralized exchange or get them over-the-counter (OTC) from someone who willing to sell you some.

This guide has been divided into 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Buying LSK tokens on an exchange using fiat currency
  • Step 2: Moving LSK tokens to your personal Lisk wallet
  • Step 3: Buying LSH…

Here is my update for the month of May 2020.


Most of this month was spent on launching LDEX — the first decentralized exchange on the Lisk blockchain and with support for the Leasehold market, the first sidechain token which is interchangeable for LSK in a decentralized way. LDEX currently only supports a single market LSH/LSK (Leasehold/Lisk) but additional markets are planned in the future.

Trades are executed through the following 2 multisig wallet addresses and require signatures from at least 6 out of 12 members:

Lisk (LSK):

Leasehold (LSH):

The LDEX Web UI is a low friction…

Jonathan Gros-Dubois

CTO at Leasehold, creator of SocketCluster, ex-LiskHQ developer.

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