How tokenized income changes everything

1. Peculiarities of the current instruments of ownership

These days it’s not uncommon for a single company to issue multiple different classes of shares (e.g. Class A, Class B, Class C).

If you were to look at all the different classes of shares for the same company, you would most likely find that their ticker prices differ. Typically…

This is what the Leasehold team has achieved in the last 18 months:

Prior to 1931, most of the world’s currencies were on a gold standard. This meant that any citizen could walk into a bank and exchange their cash for a certain amount of gold. In 1931, Britain became the first country to suspend its citizens’ right to exchange British Pounds for…

Jonathan Gros-Dubois

CTO at Leasehold, creator of SocketCluster, ex-LiskHQ developer.

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