How to launch a custom blockchain and DEX market with Capitalisk SDK

The Capitalisk SDK allows you to launch new custom blockchains and DEX markets by re-using existing modules as blueprints. You can launch multiple blockchains and DEX markets on a single node (provided that your node has sufficient CPU cores, memory and disk space). Each blockchain and DEX market runs in a separate process, so they do not slow each other down; so long as you ensure that you have at least 1 CPU core per chain or DEX module on your node.

All the information you need to launch a custom blockchain and DEX market is inside (and linked from) these two guides:

If you’ve created a new blockchain and DEX market and want to list it on LDEX (, you should contact members of the Capitalisk community on Discord:

CTO at Leasehold, creator of SocketCluster, ex-LiskHQ developer.